Override Opportunity amount update

Hi community,


I need to disable the automatic opportunity amount update triggered by "CalckOpportunityAmountAfterSevedScriptTask" in the "OpportunityProductInterest" event

How can I do that?

Which is the best way?

Thank you in advance

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One of the ways to disable this logic is to override the method CalckOpportunityAmount, in order to do so you need:

1) Create a replacing object for the OpportunityProductInterest in your package

2) In it click "Open Process"

3) Add the following code to the Methods tab

Hi Dmytro,

thank you for your reply.

I tried but it does not work, my custom package is an assembly package.

Any idea?

Weird, it worked for me when I added this code to a Custom package.

Try adding it there and see if it works. Also, try compiling the configuration and see the result.

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