Override initializeView function


I want to override initializeView or pageLoadComplete in mobile app. I have to do some changes before page load completes.


on web app I override onEntityInitialized function and I can do things there.


How can I override functions in mobile app?

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Hello Luka,


If you need to perform any actions on the mobile before the page is loaded, you can use business rules functionality for that. Please check this Academy Article.


Best regards,

Bogdan S.

Bogdan Spasibov,

Yes, I have business rule and I am setting new value of empty field using it. Because of this field is empty, it is hidden on record page and after business rule sets value, it is stays hidden.

But, when I select another contact and then select updated contact again, it shows updated field.


Picture 1 . Updated, but didn't change focus


Picture 2, Changed focus and returned to previously selected contact


Now this Field 'UsrGeneralAgreementId' is visible with its data.

I couldn't override initializeView function, but resolved it using business rule and resolved field visibility problem using changeProperty function.


record.changeProperty("UsrGeneralAgreementUrl", {
    hidden: false


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