Outgoing email not processed


I designed a business process that sends an email and creates a task.

Many outgoing emails appear on the communication panel to be processed.

Is it possible to mark all these emails as processed automatically ?

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Hello Stefano,


Thank you for your question!


The process on the screenshot will mark all emails in your system as processed once it is started:


You can add more filter conditions in order to mark only specific emails as processed.

Else, you can achieve the same result with the SQL query if you have access to the SQL console or the database.
You will need to change the value of the IsNeedProcess column of the EmailMessage table:


update "EmailMessageData" set "IsNeedProcess" = false 
update "Activity" set "IsNeedProcess" = false where "TypeId" = 'e2831dec-cfc0-df11-b00f-001d60e938c6' --Type Id stands for Email


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Hi Anastasiia

thank you for your response.

I can see the screenshot you have attached

Stefano Bassoli,


Just in case - attaching the screenshot once again.


Stefano Bassoli,

Ah, ok

thank you very much

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