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Im aware about the bad working of OSM with address + postal code in some countries. There is any way to change the search of OSM in Creatio to use only the postal code field and not the entire address?

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Hello Federico,


Our R&D team is aware of this problem, but it is a question to the OpenStreetMap service. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this problem at the moment, but there is a task registered to our R&D team.


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 My question is if there is any way to modify the OTB funsionality in order to only search by postal code insted of the full address string.

I have a requirement that only include the search by postal code, and in OSM looks working, but creatio is sending the full address string.

Dear Federico Buffa,

The search algorithms of the Creation system used the open street maps mechanism. So, unfortunately, we are not able to change the logic of the search. 

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