Opportunity owner removed when adding partner


I'm having an issue with the partner lookup in opportunities.

When we try to select a partner against an opportunity it seems to delete the owner from the field. And when I try to re-add the owner it removes the selected partner.

Does anyone know how you fix this?



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If you want to remove this functionality, I believe you can add the following to the methods of the OpportunityPageV2:

autoCompleteOwner: Terrasoft.emptyFn,
fillPartnerByOwner: Terrasoft.emptyFn


Hello, Mark!


This is the basic logic of the system. 

The owner of the Opportunity with "Partner sale" business type and chosen partner can be:

1. the user/contact related to the account with "Our company" account type;

2. the user/contact connected to account with chosen partner company.

According to the basic logic, the "Partner" field should be available only for the "Partner sale" type. You have removed the business rule that hides the "Partner" field for other opportunity types. 

Therefore, it turns out that now the "Partner" field is available for all types of opportunities, but according to the box logic, this field should be empty for other types, so it is cleared when you select the owner. 

If you select the "Partner sale" opportunity type, then the "Partner" field will not be cleared when you select the "Owner" field. 

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