Numeric logic in bussines process not working properly with calls

Hi, community.

I seek help with a bussines process that is meant to fill in as true one of two boolean fields in the leads section depending on the talk time of a call. 

This is the general layout:



As you can see, the process is triggered when a lead is connected to a call. We read the call and the lead to get all the necesary data. Then, we save the talk time as a parameter for the process. Then we have the conditions: If talk time is greater to 5 seconds, the boolean field "Primer Contacto establecido?" is filled in as true; if the talk time is less or equal to 5 seconds, the boolean field "Llamada realizada a Lead?" should be filled as true. 


The problem I am having is that no matter what value the talk time actually has, the process always acts as if the time were less than whatever value I specify. Even if the time is clearly greater than 5 seconds the process will take the path for less than 5. For example, this call had a talk time of 27 seconds:



I would expect the property "Primer Contacto establecido?" to be filled in as true, since the talk time is greater than 5 sec.However, the wrong property is checked as true: 



In the the execution diagram, we see that the process does in fact think that the number is less than 5!




I have tried different values for the parameters, I have checked that the type of field is correct, I have tried different syntaxes, but the result is always the same: The process acts as if the number is always less than the specified value.


 What am I missing?. We are using telephone service from Webitel…. Could there be a problem on their end? Any help would be appreciated... 

Thanks a lot, cheers!


Juan Carlos

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Dear Juan,

Unfortunately screenshots are corrupted and we can't see them. Can you please resend them?

Best regards,


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