New Version of Business Process is not activated

Hi All,

I have created a newer version of a business process in current package which is defined in old third party package. System automatically created a new schema name to the process with prefix of current package. I have also made it active while developing in my local environment. And, My package is higher in hierarchy just before 'custom' package.


when I install the current package in target environment, It gets installed with no error. But, still the older version of process is still active and I also cannot see the newer version in process library to activate it. 


Do I have to add any sql script/data element to make current version active. If so what is the table name?

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Please help me on this one. How can I identify the issue here?



I am not quite sure about your question "If so what is the table name?". Database tables do not store such SQL scripts. 


But if you like to keep the version active as if you made it in the development environment, please make sure there is a dependency with the third-party package you mentioned with your package.


Verify that the schema naming conventions used for the newer version of the business process are correctly configured and are not conflicting with any existing schemas in the target environment. If the schema name was automatically generated with a prefix, ensure that it is unique and does not clash with any other schema names.


Adding an SQL script might help automatically activate the target version however in order to provide it, we need more information about the deployment you are trying to make.


Also, if you just need to activate the version as a one-time solution, you can try doing so via the Configuration section by searching the version title and setting it up by saving it as a current version.

Hi Alla,


I have checked the package dependency, It is as expected. I have checked the naming conventions everything is fine. I have installed a couple of times changing the schema name. It is still not active.


But, When I checked the 'sysschemaproperty' table, the 'Isactive' property is true in target environment. So Now I am confused.


Is there any table that provides information on which process is currently active in the system? can we change it?



Yes, you can open "Properties" and the version will be shown as follows:

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