New Lookup item - edit page


When adding an item that is not in a lookup, the lookup shows an option to add the new item to the lookup list but will present an error about the edit page not being available. Where can i get information about setting up an edit page for an already defined lookup?

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To resolve this issue you would need to create an edit page for the lookup object you want to add value to. 
You would need to create schema of this page and inherit it from «BaseModulePageV2», populate it with needed fields, as an example we use the field Name and the object «UsrAccStage».
Here is the example of how to configure the schema
After that you would need to register the relation of the schema with the object entity in the «SysModuleEdit» through a table «SysModuleEntity».Here is the example of how it is done (We use Account stage as an example). 
As a result would be able to use the edit page of the lookup

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