Need to figure out how to make field changes in Creatio send information to a website

Hi, new to Creatio and have a very specific need.


When our contacts become customers, we manually change their status field value in Creatio to "Active" and assign a "Subscription Level". They are active for one year a time. We have a separate Directory website where we want these Active customers to be listed. 


  1. Is there a built-in way to set up an event that is triggered when a record's Status = "Active" and then sends a payload of the User's information immediately (Name, email, phone, Active status, and Expiration date)? We are prepared to write some API endpoints on the Directory if necessary.
  2. There are similar changes we need Creatio to communicate to the Directory:
    Change in expiration date
    Change of "Active" status to "Inactive" independent of expiration date.
    Change in Customer Package Subscription Level

The goal is to automate these update events from Creatio to the Directory via API or webhook as quickly as possible and minimize effort duplication. We're not quite sure where to start to implement something like this "in the Creatio way".

Thanks in advance,


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You can set up integration on the site using basic methods or custom methods.

Depending on the need, transfer the necessary data from one site to another by synchronizing this data.


Link to documentation

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