Multiselect lookup takes time to mark existing records as checked

Hello team,


I have a multiselect lookup and a requirement where already selected records must be checked. I have used config.selectedValues to mark already selected records. 


Unfortunately, the application takes a lot of time (from 6 to 15 seconds) before the already selected records are marked on the UI. Hence the users are selecting records again and creating duplicates. There are other validation issues around this as well.


Is there a way to stop user from selecting further records till all existing records are marked checked? Please have a look at the video.


The use case in short, is to ensure that the checked records are marked and only then the user is allowed to choose further records.

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Unfortunately, I didn't know a way to disable the checkbox on the lookup window and don't even know if that option is possible, however, in your case you can try a different approach. 

You can add a filter to an openLookup config that won't shop any records and disable it when you are using your config.selectedValues option.

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