Multiple-choice field issue with saving selected values

Dear team,

I am facing an issue with add on. After installation and setup of multiple-choice field in Custom section, I am facing the issue that in some cases, values are saved twice. Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. User selects first value on the page, page closes automatically

2. User reopens the page adds some new value, saves the record

3. User adds new value again, but previously he does not close the page or refresh, this is the important part.

When values are added only when previously page is closed or refreshed, then field is working properly, but it can happen that Customers will not use this field in this way.







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Dear Jelena,


Please specify the schema code itself to help us to reproduce the issue. If you cannot send the code, send us the settings of these parameters: mainEntitySchemaName, mainColumnName, relatedEntitySchemaName, relatedColumnName.

Ivan Leontiev,

Hi Ivan,


Thank you for reply.


This is the demo link where I recreated the issue. It will be active for around 4 more days.


User: Test user


Parameters are:

mainEntitySchemaName: "UsrTestDetail",
mainColumnName: "UsrTestSection",
relatedEntitySchemaName: "AccountType",
relatedColumnName: "UsrAccountType"


Configuration is done for Test Section (studio workplace), Test detail and Account type lookup.


If needed I can also send the code.


Best regards,



Hello Jelena,


I was unable to reproduce this issue in the demo. I could not select the same value (for instance, "Customer") twice in step 3. I selected the "Customer" value, saved the changes, and could see that the "Customer" value was not available for selection anymore.


As such, the issue is most likely local in its nature. Please clear the cache and perform a hard page reload.


Hello Ivan,

Thank you for reply. Unfortunately clear the cache and perform a hard page reload did not help. When I tested this in my local setup, I saw "doubled" values also in DB. It's a bit strange to reproduce the issue, but you can check record in Test Section with name "test 4/20/2021".


Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Please try to add one new record in Test section and save. Page will be auto closed.

2. Enter record again and add some values in the lookup, save but don't close the page

3. Add some additional value and save


4. If page is closed or refreshed, it appears like this:


And if I try to delete this record, this is the list of connected detail records:


So it seems that somehow previous entries are cached, and re-saved to a detail. Just in case explanation is still not clear I am sharing video in link:


Hope additional explanation will help.




Hello Jelena,


Thank you for providing the details. I was able to reproduce the issue and forwarded it to the relevant team for further review.


I will let you know when they have feedback.

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