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Hi community!

I want to move object from custom package to another package, let's call it X package. The problem is that when I set X package as default package my process do not see one field I want to use from that object. The object is added to both packages X and custom. The field I need is added to the object in custom package. I tried to move the object from custom to X package, but got error that X package already has that object. Any suggestions?

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Hey, there are two possible solutions that I can think of off the top of my head:


1. Create the field manually using code in the desired package and later delete the schemas from the Custom package. (This is less recommended).


2. Create a 3rd package, let's call it Y package, navigate to the dependencies of the X package and add a dependency to the Y package, move the files from the Custom package to Y package.


This should solve the issue for you as the field will be available in the Y package, and because X depends on it, it'll also be available there and thus it should work.


I hope this helps!

Edo Sagron,

thanks, will try!

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