Localizable Strings in Server code


I am trying to validate a section data using custom code and entity event layers.

Since the current user can belong to different regions across the world, the validation error message must be thrown in different languages.


I understand we can use Localizable Strings, but I am unable to Get the value of the localizable string.


If I create a Localizable string called "MessageToUser", how can I access its value in C#?


Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Shivani,

You are correct, in this situation you need to use Localizable strings.

In the source code you can create it in the left panel, and if you want to add them to event logic, you can find them in the "Resource" section:

You can find an example on how to access this string in this article.


Dmytro Vovchenko,


Thank you. Unfortunately, the line of code to get localizable string :

 var bodyTemplate = UserConnection.GetLocalizableString(ClassName, "BodyTemplate");

gives the following error in Visual Studio

'UserConnection' does not contain a definition for 'GetLocalizableString'

I had referred this link earlier, and since the definition was absent, I was wondering if I am missing something or there is any other way to get the localizable string in Source Code Schema


Just to be sure, did you use all on them in your code?

using System.Collections.Generic;
using Terrasoft.Common;
using Terrasoft.Core;


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