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Hi Team,

Is there a way to list out all the permissions of all the system users in one go. We are in the process of finetuning the user access as everyone is having a higher level of permissions. I am okay if I can do it via SQL too. Please let me know if this can be achieved in BPM. Via SQL is also fine. Thank you in advance 

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Hello Gokul!

Unfortunately, this kind of information can not be stored in bpm'online in the way you'd like to have it. As the matter of fact organizational structure can be rather complicated thus displaying of this information in the interface can not be implemented.

You can try to build basic tree of access rights using the following tables and SELECT SQL queries:

- SysAdminUnit (stores information about system users and roles)

- SysAdminUnitInRole (stores information about assigned roles to users)

Bogdan Spasibov,

Thank you :)

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