"LinkedIn Sales Navigator"integration

Dear colleagues,


Somebody knows or have experience integrating Creatio with "LinkedIn Sales Navigator"?


I saw in LinkedIn pages they have integrations wioth Dynamics and SalesForce, and can integrate anothers CRM with the API, somebody with experince on it?


Please your help


Thanks in advance

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Dear Julio, 

Thank you for your question. 

As for now, there is no such functionality available in Creatio.

However, we have the problem registered for the responsible R&D team to implement it in future releases. 

Your request will be added to it so to increase the priority of this implementation. 

Kind regards,


Is there 'any' integration with LinkedIn?  I have 7,000 LinkedIn contacts and would like to sync them with Creatio CRM.  Thanks!!!

Hello Paul,


Unfortunately, we are still working on its implementation. 

I will assign your question to this project in order to increase its priority.  


Best regards,


Hello, is there any update on this issue? Can LinkedIn Sales Navigator be integrated with Creato at the moment? Thank you in advance. 

Ismet Sinan Ekici,



As of now there is no such integration. As mentioned, we already have a query registered for our responsible team to consider implementing such integration in the upcoming releases,  but there is no ETA for it right now. 

I will assign your request to this project to increase it's priority.

Best regards,


Dear Rupert,


Thank you for reaching out!


I have registered your request for this project in order to increase its priority.  


Best regards,


Hy do we have any update on this request. 

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