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Hi Community,


We are creating email templates in DEV environment. In the DEV, we are adding link to object in the template and it works perfectly on DEV. But the issue comes when we migrate the changes to higher instances, it still shows the link to DEV.


How we can show the link for the same application from which the email is being sent? Really appreciate any suggestions.



Sourav Kumar Samal

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Hello Sourav,


It seems that you are typing the whole link in the string value. Perhaps it would be suitable to replace them with macros and use Website Url (system setting for example) value to populate it. 

If your case does not allow you to use macros - please provide more details and screenshots along with step-by-step recreation of the misbehavior and a description of the expected behavior you want to achieve.


I hope this reply was helpful to you.


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Denis Bidukha,


We are using templates from Template section. We are using the link to object in the template as shown below,





Sourav Kumar Samal,


Unfortunately, the link to the object is absolute and not website-dependent. You should either modify it manually after migration or use the macros that was mentioned above. It is planned to change this in future versions, but there are no details available yet.


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