Link email to section in business process

I need to send an email from a business process and lik it to a Case (so it can be viewed inside the "PROCESSING" tab and History of the Case).

I found this article (…) where there's writte to use the [Email connections] property of the send-email element but that property is not present:


If I activate Advenced Mode I can see all the sections as Parameters:


Should I set the Parameter "Case"? How can I link the email to a case?

Thank you

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The [Email connections] property is a bit down below as in the first picture. Try to scroll down the email element settings below How is the message sent section. By default there will be Accounts and Contacts. By clicking on + button you will be able to select Case.

As for how to associate the email with case, for example you can add the Signal that would trigger upon the case creation. The second element would be Read Data where you read the Id parameter from the Signal.

And the last element - Send email where you indicate the Id parameter of the case into Email connections property that you've previously found with Read data element





Dean Parrett,

The [Email connections] property become visible only if the "How is the message sent" is set to "Manually" but I want the message to be sent automatically, without user interaction.

If I set that property to "Automatic" the [Email connections] property is not visible.



Hi Massimiliano,


In this case it would be only possible to writhe a script which would connect the case section to email. The problem is that when the email is sent in automatic mode, the correspondent record is not created in Activity table. Since there is no record - it is not possible to associate it with a case. In manual mode, the activity record is created fine and it can be easily associated with your case.

The option to connect email to the section when sending the letter automatically will be available in future application versions.



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