Lead is editable by the owner's manager provided in organisational structure even through if we restrict it via process

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We have written a process to provide the access to a lead based on the owner selected. Attached, screenshot of the process [Access Provided to the Employee.jpg].

But the manager of the employee defined in the organizational structure and the manager above the employee in the structure are also able to edit the lead whereas they need to have only read only option as defined in the process.


Organizational Structure via screenshot



TopMost Manager.jpg

                Manager’s Manager.jpg

                                Employee Manager.jpg



In the process, have mentioned only read and edit option to Employee and other roles [tied hardcoding to read only] but still they are able to edit the lead.

Are there any changes to be done in object permission? 


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Adding to the above question, noticed that access assigned record level to any records is not working as expected. Even if all the users are given only read access, still the users are able to edit the record in version


Amritha Mayan Gorky,




In our system Managers of a group inherit all the access rights of other users in this group. It's expected oob behavior and this logic cannot be overwritten with a business process, meaning that even if you remove the access rights with a help of business process, they will be granted on a system level.

As of now, such behavior cannot be changed with a help of basic system tools and require development. 

Also, we already have a corresponding query for our R&D team to implement the described functionality in the upcoming versions.

I will assign this case to the project in order to increase its priority.

Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

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