Landing page for register participant to Event

Hi team,


Is it possible to create a landing page for register the participant to event,

specifing in querystring the Id of the event to use for it ?


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Hi Stefano,

You can use the Landing pages and web forms section to set up integration between Creatio and web forms on your websites. As a result, each time an integrated web form is submitted, a new record is automatically created in Creatio using data from the submitted form. Landing page integration can be used for generating leads, adding customers to event participants, automatic order registration, and more.


The [ Landing pages and web forms ] section is used for setting up connections between landing pages on your website and Creatio. In the [ Landing pages and web forms ] section a landing page record must be created that contains basic information about the landing page and a unique HTML code that must be integrated into the HTML code of the landing page.


After performing these settings, the data entered in the web form of the landing page, such as full name, email, phone, will be passed to Creatio and used to add a new record (for example a new lead) in Creatio.

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