Is it possible to set up access right for a specific organisational role when importing data

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When I import data, system auto thinks me as the record author. Is there a way to give access right to different organisational/ functional role?

For example, 2 groups of organisational roles: A and B. How can I do the import if part of data set should be seen by A but not B, and vice versa.


Really appreciate any advise 


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Currently there is no basic functionality to setup access rights for users dynamically within the import process itself. However, you can use the following alternatives to achieve your business task:


Set up record permissions for the needed object based on the record author and then import the records under different users in separate batches based on the role.

For example, import a batch of records that only the role A should get access rights for under user1. Setup the record permissions this way:

If record author is user1, then give access rights to role A.

Then import the next batch of records under user2 and setup the record permissions as:

If record author is user2, then give access rights to role B.


Another option is to create a business process that would read data (read a collection of records) and then transfer the data from the records to a subprocess. The subprocesses will then process each record separately (1 subprocess will run for 1 record) and change the access rights (with the help of Access rights element) for these records. However, in such case you need to have a field in this object that would signify what role should get the access rights for which record, based on which the process will determine what rights to give to which record.

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