Issue with Aspose.PDF connector for Creatio

hi everyone

i have followed the install guide correctly but it is not working


the report still being a MSWord and there isn't an error on the console


can you help me please?

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Hi Carlos,


You need to check the values in the Creatio system settings connected to the Aspose service. Please refer to the screenshot below to make sure that the Aspose setting values match the respective system settings in Creatio. After applying the changes, log out and log back into Creatio to check for updates.

Alexander Demidov,

i have it like you img , But it doesn't work, it still download a MSWORD

Hi Carlos, which Creatio version and product are you currently using? This helps us reproduce the issue.

Aspose's personal page should also display the conversion requests for the relevant time period, from Creatio. Here is the dashboard link: If there are conversion requests, please send us the error details.

Hi Alex Prusakov,

  1. Creatio 7.18
  2. Sales

 At the Aspose's Page i have it :


I have tried with empty CORS and with a url


but the registry is not receiving any requests

hi Alex Prusakov,

Any idea what's going on?

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