IntExcelExport does not produce excel with macro

Good Morning,

We are trying to export an excel file with macro in it.

After installing IntExcelExport we manage to extract the date we need in an excel file.

We wanted to do the same with an excel template containing a macro.

We could not do that, the upload to Creatio of the sample file does not produce an error but it generate a corrupt file.


it is very easy to reproduce the issue:
1-You need to install the add-on  IntExcelExport.
2-Create a new Custom extraction.
3-Inport an excel template with macro in it (Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet (.xlsm) or Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls)).
4-Try to generate any king of report (the generated file will be corrupted and will not open)


Could you help us please to manage to generate a excel file with macro in it.

Should we use another product?


Best Regards.


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Hi Yassine,

I'm sorry to say that the Excel reports builder does not support Excel templates with macros. There are no similar apps for your consideration at this time.

Irina Lazorenko,

Hi Irina ,

Thanks for your response.

I found a workaround, i will just include a link to the macro in a different file already existing in the download folder.

It is not ideal but if it works it is ok :)


Best Regards.


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