Integrate Visual Studio Online for developing Custom Service

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I am looking for feasibility of developing source code using Visual Studio Online. We have our instance on Cloud and due to security reasons, cannot take the backup and install on local. Looking for an alternate way of developing source code with the provision to debug.


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Unfortunately, customers don't have access to the file system of cloud instances due to security reasons.


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Anastasiia Lazurenko,

Can you suggest any alternative to work on it. We want to develop some custom API code to a site hosted on cloud and to ensure proper development support with option to debug, we need an environment to build it.


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There are several options here:

1. You can take an anonymized copy of the cloud instance and deploy it on-site for development. This kind of copy doesn't contain user data so it's quite secure. To get this kind of copy, please contact Creatio support.

2. Perform a development on your clean on-site instance and deliver the changes to the cloud-based instance via packages and/or file transfer (request to support for changing config files)


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Bogdan S.

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