Installing Package from dev doesn't publish the lookup tables


As part of my developments I'm transferring some lookups from dev environment to test.

In the dev env, I have the lookups and their bound data.

Once I export the package and install it in the test env, I see that the lookups are in the db, but the UI can't find them.

Meaning, I don't see them in the lookup list and even when I try to create a new lookup from the UI, the object does not exists.

If I publish the lookups in the test env, I get the following error message:

"Unable to save changes for item "UsrAutoNumbering". It is either created by third-party publisher or installed from the file archive"


The thing is that I tried to do the same process in two demo env that I've created from scratch and it works fine. Once I install the package all the lookups and are being published and their data populated correctly.


The only difference I see between the demo envs and mine is the creatio versions.

The demos are in 

The dev is in

The Test is in


Looking forward to having your advice on this issue.





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Hi Raz,
If you do not receive any errors while you are installing the package. You can check the following points.

Bind the lookup and value correctly:

If you have the databinding tool installed on your local dev, you need to do 2 binding as:

1. Go to studio->lookup section->click on bind lookup

In the popup, select the new lookup which you would like to bind. This will ensure your object will show in the lookup section after your release.

2. In the lookup section, find you lookup (for example, ContactType), open the lookup and bind the value. This will ensure the value you bind will be released on the target site.

Please make sure the binding is unique in one package. For example, the contact type "Competitor" should be bound in the same package only once. If you have 2 binding files for the same record in the same package, you will get an error while installing the package.

Object in your package is installed and published correctly:

If you can not see your object, when you create a new lookup. Please go to the advanced setting first, and double check if the object is created already after installing the package. Sometimes you will see the object is created but you can not use it from the UI. That might be caused by the database structure need to be updated/installed.  If I get the issue like this, I always compile the site after update the structure in database, then refresh the page, or log out and log in again.

If errors are received while installing package, you need check the log file and resolve the issues in the package.


Hopefully, it will help you to resolve the issue.




Cheng Gong

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