Insert Product from landing page using Product code / SKU

Hi community,


we have this case where potential customers will choose in a landing page a product that they are interested in. This will generate a new lead with that product.


Is it possible to receive the Code/SKU (this is not the display value of the Product object in creatio) from the landing page and map it to the Products Lookup in the created Lead?


We need to this to be sure that there is consistency in the data between Creatio and website.


I tried using this article but I don't think it covers my use case:…




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Hello Luis,


Thank you for your question! It is impossible to pass information from landing pages to linked objects directly.

That means that only Lead fields might be used. 

To cover your need - a specific field should be created and used to transfer information about the desired product and via Business Process the records added to details.


For example, a field in the lead object is created that is responsible for the product. The field is populated from the landing page and as the business process is triggered - the record to detail will be added based on the value of our new field.


I hope my answer was useful to you.


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Hi Denis,


thanks for the reply.


Maybe I did not explain correctly, I want to add the information to the Lead Object (to a product field that was created in the lead object), but I want the information to be passed via a code and not the name.


I will give another example that is maybe easier to understand.

We want to add the country to the lead using the ISO country code and not the country name.

How would we achieve that?




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