Importing activity, contact not showing up

I'm importing activity records for contacts who are not associated with an account. When I open one of the imported records, the contact field is empty. Is an account required to have a contact on an activity? I do have the category field set to "Visit to contact."

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Hello Jeffrey,


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No, it's not necessary to populate the Account field. It seems you didn't set the field mapping correctly, so the Contact wasn't added as expected. Please try to import the Activity records using the mapping settings. For example:

configure the column values in the Excel file:



choose the Activity object as a target object:


match the needed columns:



and perform the import (using or noty using the duplicate checking, it depends on your business task).


As a result, the needed record was imported and it's also viewable from the connected contact:



Also you can find more information and examples of import/export in the articles below:


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