How to translate the titles of metrics on pages (classic)

I am localizing some pages that have metrics on them. I need to be able to localize the captions of these metrics. 

Since metrics on pages are stored in SysWidgetDashboard, I can see the definitions in the translations using the key "Data:SysWidgetDashboard.Items:7471ec9f-559c-4dea-ac19-bcaa061ff5a8" (where the guid is the Id for the metrics on the page, as found in the modules definitions in the page schema). However, this is the entire definition of all dasboard widgets on that page, not just the captions (although the captions are in the text as well). 

How do I translate the captions of the widgets only? Do I really need to copy that entire block and change the captions part? What if I need to change these widgets in the future? Then the other languages will no longer show the correct versions.

Is there some better way to translate these metrics on the page?



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Yes, translations is not optimal in some places. It got better though, but classic UI dashboards or current business process is still a mess in terms of localisation.

Freedom UI brings more promising management of localisation, looking forward to the new dashboard section + a new version of business process using new freedom UI advantages :)


Unfortunately, there is no other way to translate widget names.
Since the functionality of dashboards has a special logic for storing unique sets of widgets in only one localization, the best way would be to manually edit the dashboards for each localization.

Cherednichenko Nikita,

Thanks, I figured that was the case. 


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