How to show lead's products in list view

Is there a way to show the products that are connected to a lead in the lead's list view? Same for opportunities and their products.

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Hi Christian!


Unfortunately, it is not possible since the products detail may contain several records, and the application cannot display several rows in one column in the section list. We will create a suggestion to our R&D team so to make it possible in future versions, but currently, it requires complete core logic modification.


Thank you for this suggestion and for helping us improve our application!


If you only want a set amount of records to be displayed in the list, for example, just one, you can add a field to the Lead page and fill it in with the product needed. Then add that new field to the list view in the section.


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Support assisted me in creating a business process that iterated through the connected products and concatenate the data found into one text field in my lead which I can display in the list view.

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