How to keep some fields as read-only when using Open Edit Page element with edit exiting record mode

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I have made some fields read-only when I am creating the fields on the edit page. When I use the Open Edit Page element and try to add some values to other fields, the read-only fields also change as editable fields. I wanted to keep my read-only fields always not editable. How to resolve this issue.


Currency is Read-Only field as shown below

Its editable in Open-Edit-Page

Like 0




Normally, Section wizard reflects the content from all the schemas up to the package indicated in the "Current package" setting.

However, UI reflects the content and logic from all the schemas of all the packages.

"Custom" package is dependent on all packages of the application (and should be the last one in the hierarchy), all columns are the same and are visible both on UI and in Section wizard once it's set as the current package.

I would suggest you check the "Current package" setting and parameters of column "Currency" on the pages in each package in the hierarchy.

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