How to integrate facebook lead generation page with creatio?

How to integrate facebook lead generation page with creatio? I tried to check in academy; couldn't find the relevant documentation.

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The integration with Facebook lead generation forms has been added to the [Landing and Web Forms] section. Please note, this functionality requires the Identity Server system setting to be filled in (the required value can be requested from the Support team). 


You need to specify the domain of the Creatio website in a Facebook interface to start working with Facebook lead generation option.


To start the process of leads creation you should:

1) Authorize the Creatio application on Facebook side and delegate the application's rights to work with Facebook business pages.

2) Set up the correspondence of the landing page in Creatio application with the form on Facebook side for receiving leads.


All data filled in Facebook landing form will be sent to Creatio as leads records within 1-2 minutes.


Furthermore, you can:

1) Disable the process of leads registration for the landing page.

2) Remove social media pages and Creatio authorization from Creatio application.


Please, let us know in case any further information is required. 


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