How to get, in a process, the user that corresponds to a contact (when there is one ...)

Hello Colleagues,


In a process I need to publish some articles or info regarding some specific contacts in Customers. Those are specifically to one contact in the account.


I get the contact id, but don't know how to get the id of the user that belongs this contact to could add permissions to the article in the knowledge base,


Some ideas, please?

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Dear Julio,


In general - it is not possible. Theoretically you can read the system administration object and get the contact id. Anyway that will not help since the processes do not work with table that stores users due to security reasons. 

Instead you can use the change rights element and grant the rights for employee. It allows to work with user contacts. The rights are assigned to the users through their contacts, so you can select the required contact and assign the necessary rights. 




Dean Parrett,

Thanks Dean,


it's possible, I did it, see here


With the "contactID" you read on "System users (view)" where Contact = contactID, in the result record the Id is the "user Id" you can use later to assign permission to read the article.


I understand what you expose, but I check it and works fine, I check the permissions in the article and are as I need, also the user connect to portal and can read the article


Thanks again

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