How to display a Popup to users after they log in (starting a new session)


I'm trying to create a popup to display to users after they start a new session (log in).  What is the simplest way to do this? 

There is a new business process called "User sessions" in the CRT Base package.  Is this something I could use for the purpose of displaying a popup after a new user session is created?

I was able to create a custom user task that displays a popup and call it with a business process with a simple start but cannot figure out a way for it to be triggered to display to a user when they start a new session.

Any guidance is appreciated.  Thank you!



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Sessions are created directly in the database by Insert and do not generate an event on the object. Business processes rely on events at the object. If it is not the happening process will not notice any changes. As for now, there is no option to track start/end of the user session via the process signals. Our R&D team responsible for this functionality is already working on implementing it in the future releases. I will forward your feedback to the team in order to increase the importance of this task.


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