How to disable creating new case on receiving an email on a Closed case

When working a case, if the case status is moved to Closed (or any status with Final Status = true) and the customer responds to an email from the case, it will create a new case for the response. How would I disable or change how this works? 


A case is closed and later the customer replies with something like "thanks for the help". This will create a new case for the "Thanks for the help" response. 

What I would like it to do, is reopen the case, even though it had a closed/final status instead of creating a new one. Or leave the case as closed, but just post this response as an email on the closed case.

Is this possible to change?


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Doesn't look like this is possible, at least not easily. Found what appears to be the code that does this on line 50 of the methods in the process "Incoming email registration process". No setting to disable, it's hardcoded :(


The workaround is to use the not final "Resolved" status as a last and then, in X days being Resolved, change the status to Closed automatically (using the time-based process filtering records by Case lifecycle start date). 

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