How to create a "Required Column" rule for a specific detail based on the value of other object column inside Creatio Mobile?

Hi Community,


I've this situation where I've developed a new page for the Creatio Mobile Application. This new page has a detail and a set of columns, as you can see on the following image.

My goal is to apply a "Required Field" business rule to this detail (marked as red) based on the values of a specific column inside this page.


How can I achieve this requirement?


Thanks in Advance.


Best Regards,

Pedro Pinheiro

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Hello, Pedro!


In the actual version of the system business rules from the desktop, the platform is not transferred to the page in the mobile application. At the moment, business rules can be set with the help of development only.
 We have the enhancement request registered by our R&D. It means the functionality will be implemented in future releases, although there is no ETA yet.


Hope for your understanding.

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