How to check if the entered value exist already in the lookup

Hi All, 


I've created a lookup, when I Click "New" I can Add a value to it.


My question is: How to add only unique values to the lookup and prevent user from entering repeated value. 


Thank You.

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Hi Anas Iyad Ahmad Ibrahim,

For all the records that get inserted into the Creatio table (Objects: section, details, or Lookup) the inserted record is distinguished by the "Id" (GUID Type) column which is a unique identifier for the record.

If an additional column has to be considered into account before inserting a record, then a custom implementation has to be made to validate the additional field value.

Please click, view and select display columns and add Id, and Name. Then Id field will be displayed with a unique value for each record.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

Thanks a lot

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