How can we use webhooks in marketing automation campaigns ?

Has anybody figured out how to include landing pages integrated webhooks in marketing automation campaigns in nocode ?

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I have unbounce landing pages that are using webhooks in Creatio but haven't figured out how to use it in campaigns yet. I'm assuming I just need to populate a table somewhere, but just starting to piece it together so not sure yet




At the moment, there is no separate element for working with web hooks in marketing campaigns yet. If what's needed is to add such contacts to the audience of the campaign, then this can be done with the help of the  appropriate filtering based on data from the record that came from a landing page, taking into account the channel, source, tags (if necessary for the case).

So you get leads from landing pages, put these leads in a separate folder and create a mailing list in the campaign that will take the audience from this folder.

Is there any plan to make easily part of marketing automation campaigns like the classic landing page element is ?

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