How can I make a page to pickup products from other products in orders

Hi community,


Some of our new orders (usually the maintenance orders) need to include some existing products in other orders (the previous maintenance orders or new purchase order) of the same account. I want its behavior like in adding product in order page (all products from another specified existing order were listed already, you can just edit multiple records and save), then these "selected products" (with quantities>0) will be added to this new order.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Andrew, 


Thank you for the question, but it is quite hard to understand without an example or more details. Can you please provide some test examples (with orders and products) for us to see how you would like to use this functionality? 


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Ihor Skohariev,

For example, I have an account "Streamline Development" that placed an order (ORD-14) in 2019.

This year she wants to place a maintenance order whose products will include some items in ORD-14.

In this case, what would you do? (Ususally, the maintenance order will include hundreds of items that from the previous orders' products)

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