How can I force Creatio application run through .NET 6.0?

Hi Community,


I have successfully installed the new available version of Creatio on my Linux server. I'm trying to do some tests to validate the .NET 6.0 migration. However, I couldn't force the application to run with .NET 6.0.


It should be pretty straight forward according to the development guide (…).


I've tried to change the "TargetFramework" of the file "Terrasoft.Configuration.Dev.csproj" and build the solution but got 8 warnings and 3469 errors.


Is there any other way to force this or should I wait for 8.1.0?


Thank you in advance.


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Pedro Pinheiro

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Also looking for some info for migrating windows hosted Creatio to .Net 6 with IIS

Fresh installation .Net 6 documentation seems clear.

1) We are missing documentation on how to migrate an existing Creatio instance to .Net 6  (vs fresh install) which has been updated at minimum to Creatio 8.0.8 and running on .net framework 4.x

2) and which bundles are compatible with .Net 6 ? ( 8.0.8 release notes seem to specify that only specific bundles are compatible with .Net 6 ---…)

Hi, Pedro!

To investigate this behavior, we ask you to submit a request to our team via or the Success Portal. 

As for your questions, Damien Collot,


1)  Please look through the documentation here and let us know if you have any questions:…

2) .NET 6 support. Studio Creatio as well as Sales Enterprise, Marketing, Service Enterprise bundle in Freedom UI are now available on .NET 6. 


We will be glad to help with any other questions.


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