How is BPM online developer certification test?

I am new to BPMonline CRM need certification for basic level.

Is it easy to pass certification?

what is the level of multiple choice questions?

Is Demonstration part tough?

Please Help

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Dear Nagaraju,

Certification for development on the bpm’online platform is intended for programmers that develop products and solutions on the bpm’online platform. “Advanced” level of certification enables you to be the authorized user of the bpm’online academy customer support services and get consultations on development on the bpm’online platform. For this purpose, you will have to complete the “Advanced” certification for development on the bpm’online platform.

Please, follow this link to get more detailed information about certification policy, exams and rules:…

Here you can find the information that will help you to get prepared for the exam.

If you have some specific questions, please address them to

Best regards,


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