How to auto clik button client side from BP (Business Process)

How to auto click button client side from BP (Business Process)?

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Could you please describe what logic you are trying to implement in more detail?

Mira Dmitruk,


i have a button with the name calculate where the button contains javascript method, then i want the button to run when the section / form loads using BP (Business Process)


Azein Rajib Abdillah,




Try using the onEntityInitialized method and call your button click-handler method using the following condition: when the edit page is opened via the process it has the following "ProcessCardModuleV2_7ae5fca9-f822-4c80-a534-c3798e7cec8d_ContactPageV2_e2e7c4f7-335e-4263-8c88-30d2a9b07aec" (this is a test value from my app, in my case I opened the edit page of the existing contact from the process). When the page is opened from the section is "SectionModuleV2_ContactSectionV2_CardModuleV2". Using this you can setup a condition to trigger your button click-handler method to be triggered (check current and if the page is opened from the process the method will be automatically triggered.

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