How to add mail tracking tokens in an email template with a button for example with URL from a field?

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If I want to add dynamic links in an email template, I tried to do adding a button to click to product with the URL to open the Web page get from a macro (URL is on a field on contact table), didn’t work, didn't add the tracking tokens, for example:

Normal button:

 "Dynamic" Button:

Any ideas how toe enable adding the tracking tokens to the "Dynamic" Button?


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Julio Falcón

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Hello Julio,


At this moment full macros link will not work for tracking, but there is a workaround with a link+macro tail.


So at this point instead of [#Contact.UsrButtonProdID2#] you will proceed with[#Contact.UsrButtonProdID2#]?bpmtrackid=4


The domain of the website will be the same for the recipients, but the content will be dynamic.


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will consider making this mechanism more user-friendly in future releases.


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Thanks to anticipate the solution Dan, I will document it also


It appears when Creatio “see“ where must be a URL, a non-URL string, as is the case of a macro, it “think” there aren't any URL to track, and didn’t add the tokens, to complement Dan comment, what I did to solve the problem:

* In images I introduce, on the image address, the first part of the image URL “” and add the field using macro to complete the URL with the specific image address, getting something like this in the Image URL:[#Contact.UsrImgProdID2#], in the UsrImgProdID2 field I have the rest of the URL, like this "img/1000/HERCAR0005-1.jpg"
* For the Product, in Link to Open add “” and later the rest of the product URL from the macro, resulting value getting something like this[#Contact.UsrButtonProdID2#]  and works as is expected, Creatio add all the expected tokens. In the UsrButtonProdID2 field I have the rest of the URL to open the product page in the store, like "inicio/productos/ficha/gata-hidraulica-32-toneladas-HERCAR0005"


IT WORKS! thank you very much!

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