How to add image content to SysImage table?

Hello community,

I referred the following OData Doc (Pages 9 through 14) to add a contact image.

I understand there are 3 steps

1. Create a record in SysImage Table

2. Add Image content (Data column of BLOB type) using PUT request

3. Set Contact tables column "PhotoId" to the Id in SysImage table created in step 1.


Despite multiple attempts and I am unable to see the image on the UI of contact record. The following is how I see the image

I am probably doing something wrong in step 2.

Please help understand how to send Image Data via http://localhost:98/0/odata/SysImage(da08aecf-44bf-479e-99a3-5c4ce1c817… API.

Should the image Data be base64 or Hex format? Or can I directly add it as a file through postman and send?

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Thank you for your question.

Please refer to this community article that explains how to fix this exact issue:…


Please note that after adding the picture, be sure to religion into the application and clear your browser's cache.


Thank you.

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