Hide 'Run Process' -button in the Side Panel for Roles

Hello. i'd like to hide the 'Run Process' -button in the Side Panel for certain Roles.

As well as change the contents of the drop-down of the 'Home' -button next to it.

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Dear Julius, 

In order to hide the button menu, you need to override the basic functionality, which involves development within the system.

Firstly, you need to override basic schema LeftPanelTopMenuModule. Please find the loadMenu method. There you can see that visibility of the button in based on user type. You can add your custom method to check current user rights and set the visibility based on the response result:

Here is an example of how to check current user role. In the example we are hiding the Menu button form non-administrators role. You can adjust the code up to your needs. (the example involves creating of custom CSS style and adding it to the schema dependencies):


As for the list of menu items, please take a look at  loadItemsMainMenu method, which is responsible for its logic.

Hope you will find it helpful.



Anastasia Botezat,


How do you override the LeftPanelTopMenuModule module? I cannot create a replacing client module, so not sure how I would go about this. Is it no longer possible to do this?

Hi Harvey Adcock,


In order to replace "LeftPanelTopMenuModule" client module schema, please follow the steps described below:


1. Please go to Configuration > Add > Module

2. In the appeared empty module, please add the code below:

define("UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule", ["LeftPanelTopMenuModule", "LeftPanelTopMenuModuleResources"],
 function() {
 Ext.define("Terrasoft.UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule", {
 override: "Terrasoft.LeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel",
 * @override

Also, please add Title "UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule" and Name "UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule", choose the package. Important: do not set the parent object. Save the module.


3. Then, you need to replace "BootstrapModulesV2". Here is the article on how to replace client module schema:




4. In a new replacing client schema, please insert the code below:


define("BootstrapModulesV2", ["UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule"], function() {
	return {};

Set "BootstrapModulesV2" as Title and Name, set "BootstrapModulesV2" (NUI) as a parent object, set replace parent input checked. 


5. Save the changes and hard-reload the page. 

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