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how can I make the fields appear automatically to the user in a specific order and then the user will fill them in that order, for example: if I have a task to fill in the username, phone number and email, I want the system to automatically show username field  in front of the user and he fills it in, and when he finishes, the phone number field will appear, and then the email.


because I want the system to guide the user to each field, I don't want the user to click on each field and fill it.


can I do that in creatio?

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Hello, Anas!


To make the fields appear one after another, you may set the business rules for the field. Here's how to do that:

1. Open up the page to set up.

2. Go to the 'Section wizard' from it ('View' button)

3. Select the 'Business rule' tab

4. Set the rule so that an element (e. g. Title) is only displayed after a particular element is filled in as on the screenshot

5. Move on to making a next separate rule with the same structure for the next field (e. g. if the Title is filled in, then Show "Gender" field

6. Make the rest of the rules so that all the fields are involved. 

7. Save the changes.


Hope you find it useful!

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