getAddRecordButtonVisible doesn't works on a detail with Activities object

Dear colleagues,


I have a detail using activities (activities of a custom type). Those activities are created just by a DCM and I don't want users add/delete or copy new ones manually. So in the detail schema I have this code in methods section:

// Disable add button
getAddRecordButtonVisible: function() {
	return false;
// Deshabilita operaciones nuevo registro
addRecordOperationsMenuItems: function() {
	return false;

This works to other details, but to this detail having ACTIVITIES doesn't work, why?


Some ideas how to solve this?


Thanks in advance



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Hello Julio,


Please specify how was this detail created, which schemas were specified as a parent schema for the detail edit page and the detail schema itself. Also where is this detail located and which buttons do you want to hide.


Thank you!


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