Get selected record Ids of detail in preconfigured page

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I have a preconfigured page where there is a detail. The use case is a user will select list of records from the detail and I need to process these records. Is there a way to get the selected list of records from the preconfigured page detail?


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Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to select a few records on the Auto-Generated page. If you need to add a selection of records to the system, you need to specify some filtering conditions by which the Add data element will work.

We have registered your request for our R&D team to include such functionality in one of the upcoming releases. 

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Thanks Bogdan, 

If that is the case, I will switch to a multi select lookup detail. Can you please tell me how to filter a multiselect lookup detail?

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There was a similar question here about the detail filter.


Thanks Bogdan, I was looking for something different. I need to get the filter id through sandbox

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