Generating Printable Report from Database View

Hello Team ,


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding a functionality in Creatio that I'm currently exploring. I would like to generate a printable report from a specific database view, and I was hoping you could provide me with some guidance on how to achieve this.


I have already identified the database view that contains the necessary data for the report.


Could you kindly outline the general steps I should follow in order to accomplish this task?


Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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I understand that you have a question regarding the creation of a report in the system. Allow me to provide you with some guidance.

Please note that a report can only be created based on an object that has a created section. To begin, I recommend following the instructions outlined in the following link to ensure that you have created the object based on your view.
After you have created the object based on your view, you will have two options to obtain information from the view in the report:

If the view is connected to the section through one of the columns, you can utilize the view object in the report table.

If you wish to create the report based on the view itself, you need to create the section first. Once the section is created, you can proceed with generating the report based on this section.

For more detailed information on creating reports, I recommend referring to the Creatio Academy, which provides comprehensive guidance on the topic:…

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