Filtering lookup values for a Editable list grid detail


I have developed an editable List Grid Detail (derived from BaseGridDetailV2). The detail is added to OrderProductPage.

The entity schema (table) for this detail has the following columns:

  - OrderProductId (Lookup field from OrderProduct table)

  - AssetId (Lookup field from custom asset table)

Assets are linked to Account. The detail is rendered properly however I want to filter the Asset field in the detail based on the opened Order's Account field (Detail screenshot attached). Currently it lists, all the records from the Asset table

Any Ideas on how this can be achieved?

Thank you


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You can add filtering rules on the edit page for the detail and it will be honored in the detail editable list. Edit the page for the detail and add the filtering rule there.


How can we do this in FreedomUI? I'm not able to filter lookups shown when inline editing in a grid.

Hi Andres Arrigonni,


You can read about the lookup filtering setup here:…


Have a great day!

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