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I created an Excel report on 5/4 and was able to successfully run in several times. However, it will not run now and gives the attached error message. I recreated the report and it is also giving me this error message. However, if I run one of the other excel reports I created it runs just fine. What could be the issue with this?

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Disregard - I solved it myself. The title of the file had "&". Once I removed the symbol it worked as expected. 

Hi Melinda,


please download the template of the report via the 'Download template' button and try it open without data. Come back with results. The issue relates to the xlsx file itself.

Irina Lazorenko,

Hello Irina, the template downloads just fine. When I select "Generate Report" with or without the template open I get the error message. 


Hi Melinda,


Kindly send the xlsx file without data so that we could investigate the template itself. Also, please specify what operating system (+ version) you are using on your PC.

Irina Lazorenko,

I am using Windows 7 Professional. Attached is the template. Thanks for your review. Melinda


Hi Melinda,


This is to inform you that we have successfully downloaded the template and forwarded it to the responsible team for a review. 

We'll get back with a reply as soon as we have their feedback.


P.S. Note that the template's been removed from the post.


Have a good forthcoming weekend! 


Hello do you have an update on this?


Thank you for removing the template from the post. 

I just created a brand new report and again I am getting the .xlsx file extension error. This has been going on for almost a month now and I need to pull report asap. Please assist as this is now an urgent matter.

Disregard - I solved it myself. The title of the file had "&". Once I removed the symbol it worked as expected. 

Melinda Krupcyznski,

Hi Melinda,

Sorry for my belated reply and thank you for your post.


The point is that our responsible team's been trying to figure out the problem all this time. My colleagues checked and double-checked the template and it downloaded OK for them, so it was hard to detect the error.

We are very glad it is resolved for you now and highly appreciate your attention to detail.


Have a good day!

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