Error 500 in ODATA Get Request only from Product Section



I have a strange behavior when working with postman and ODATA webservices.


I'm trying to get the data from "Product" section and keep getting an Error 500 message.


The link that I'm using is ""


In Addition, It's important to keep in mind the following:

1. Sending the get request to other sections works, for example: Order, Employee, Opportunity.

2. The issue started to happen after a few times I tried to add a new product from postman.

At the beginning I managed to add the product and after 5-6 times I started to get the Error 500 message even when querying.

3. Further to the previous bullet, every time the product was added I received an error message in postman, but saw the record in the application - very strange.


I eventually need also to query and to add products to the "Product" section.


Looking forward to having assistance.


Best Regards,




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Hi Raz,


First of all you need to check the application logs and see the actual server error that is received upon calling the Products object via OData. Secondly you need to check if there are no errors with any of the "Products" objects in the system configurations (maybe the system asks to update the database structure for any "Product" object in any package or source code update is required). Also try publishing all the replaced "Product" objects in configurations.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar,


I didn't understand your answer at all.


I will elaborate:

1. The error 500 occurs even when querying the product section.

2. Which application logs? the application runs in the cloud.

3. what do you mean by "errors with any of the products objects"? again, the issue occurs even when querying the section.




Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar,


I have a new update on the issue.

I don't know what happen, but now the Get Request works, the Post request for creating a new product works too.


But, Once I enter the product in the system and "Close" button changes to "Save". It looks like something in the creation of the product didn't finish correctly.


Can you point me to what to check?




Raz Guille Rosman,


Hi Raz,


Regarding your remarks:


1) "1. The error 500 occurs even when querying the product section." - I did understand that and that's why asked you to go to system configurations and check if any of the "Products" objects has "Database update is required" or "Source code update is required" error flag. The situation you described looks like the issue with an object in configurations and that's why it had to be checked.


2) "2. Which application logs? the application runs in the cloud." - you should've mentioned that the application is running in the cloud. You can contact us directly at to get the application logs if needed. If this was an onsite app the logs could be found at C:\Windows\Temp\Creatio folder in the machine where the IIS-server is deployed.


3) "what do you mean by "errors with any of the products objects?" - again, the issue occurs even when querying the section." - I meant the actual error on the object, something like this:

And yes I understood that you received the error when performing OData requests and everything is simple: if there is a problem with an object OData requests to this object can fail.


As for your last remark that the button becomes "Close", but not "Save": it means that there was some modification on the page that should be saved. It can be rather the method on the product page that wasn't executed (or was executed) completely or you've clicked on some field when the page was opened. No error here.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

H Oscar,


Thank you very much for your very detailed response.


1. The error 500 stopped, I don't know why. It just stopped and both the get and post requests are working correctly.


2. Thanks for the explanation. I'll keep that in mind for the next time.


3. I checked and there are no processes or other js code that runs in the background for a new record.

Do you have an idea where to start looking?




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